The Cause Myth with John Wingert.


Eliminate Stress and Speed Up Results - The Secret key is bandwidth!

Obviously your mind is very similar to a computer.

And your computer TODAY is much faster than the computer you had 15 years ago.

Your new computer is faster, and can do much more because Intel decided to increase it's bandwidth.

It's exponentially faster because they decided not to force more stuff through a small tube, it's much faster because they chose to help it process more at once. It's called an increase in bandwidth.

What happens if you increase your personal bandwidth? I'll give you a clue, you will get "stuck" a lot less, you will feel more at peace, and you will get more done. Period.

The The Cause Myth Crash Course (Instant Download or CD Order) can reduce and eliminate your stress, clear up your thinking, and give you life changing results - because a change in bandwidth changes everything. Back in 1989, when we were still playing Leisure Suit Larry on 3 color monitors - Today we have the X Box.

"Just 11 minutes a day to kick arse results!" Just do the simple steps you have learned listening to The Cause Myth Crash Course MP3 Program and you will experience explosive, life-changing, PENTIUM PLUS SPEED results - with very little work - just a little play and personal discovery. All it takes is just a a few minutes a day, and a willingness to try a much more empowering way of thinking.

This could be you! "On Wednesday June 28, 2006 I woke up - I stopped living The Cause Myth - literally, something I thought I knew before shifted - I came to life. Years of pressure and tension were erased instantly, the entire world took on a whole new level of peace and synchronicity."

Imagine everything you do - think and experience can be much easier, your results can come much faster - you too can be more at peace. That's how it is for me now - that's how it could be for you too. Much of the pressure I had in life was gone. And it hasn't returned. Maybe it never will. (Yes I still do get a little cranky, upset even, but life is so so so much more incredible and peaceful than it was before, and I am discovering more joy every day.)

Speed up your results - experience more inner peace and personal clarity…

You'll notice that The Cause Myth Shift you experience is SIMPLE, choosing to release yourself from your personal "Cause Myth" can be slightly challenging at times though. I've had hundreds of people thank me for the results they have gotten from this course since we released it almost 2 years ago. I've had one control freak with God Syndrome want to beat me up over this course. So - for what it's worth, it works. (Addendum 9/28/2007)

Keep in mind, this isn't something you just learn, or think about. This course is gives you step by step processes to expand your experience of life. It's literally a course in waking up.

Imagine how many ways your life would have improved, if you didn't have the pressure having to live with having to be "The Cause Myth" any longer. Take a moment and imagine that. Do it now!.


"This could be exactly what you've been looking for.

It could be why we connected in the first place. "



Instantly Download The Cause Myth for just $249 $49.00

Here is just a taste of what you are getting:

  • CD 1. Introducing The Cause Myth - Why and how the Illusion of having to be "cause" stresses you out and limits your results.

  • CD 2. The HOW 2 CD - Precise Steps to Eliminate Stress and get Kick Arse Results. These steps will free you from the Stress Cycle in Minutes!!

  • CD 3. The Philosophy CD - Insights that will open your heart and speed up your success. Change your mind, and you will have changed your entire world!

  • CD 4. The Corrections CD - Silly mistakes people make. Avoid them! How to stay on target and let go of the Distractor Factor!

  • CD 5. Demon Dogs on Command - Native Wisdom meets The Secret! Simple! Profound!

  • CD 6. Subliminal Process CD - Play this all day. Transform your world

PS: Remember, if you Instantly Download The Cause Myth Today you will save over $200 off the regular price!

My 60 second wake up story! "Imagine that you started reading life changing books when you were 10, going to countless self help courses, learning to meditate, becoming an expert in tai chi, NLP, chi kung, reiki, how to live on the land invisibly, learning traditional Indian ceremonies and philosophy, teaching well over 3000 people, traveling all over the United States in search of something... and yet the magical shift doesn't COMPLETELY happen - Until, you do just a few simple things, and one day everything shifted, and you came to life. You woke up. That's the shift that this package is about. Thank you and enjoy!"




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