Hypno Hitting with John Wingert.



And it hurt like hell.

Dear Friend,

I was living the life - living the lie - of cause and effect. Truth is, I'm not a billiard ball, and you aren't one either,
and the myth you've been living under is KILLING YOU.

The Cause - Effect LIE!

A lack of power is killing you if you think OR behave as if you are "the effect" of anything. And I've got news for you, your friends, your cat, dog, even your gerbil is tired of your whining. So stop it. And consider an alternative.

If you aren't a victim of "effect" then…

Obviously, maybe you've noticed that STRESS and TENSION of being "cause" are killing you, along with a bit of compulsion.


Keep jumping through those hoops…I'm sure it will get better "someday".


Being at "cause" isn't all that bad. You just have to sometimes have may guilt for things that you couldn't work out before, or that hidden fear that you won't be able to continue to "make it happen.

"What will happen when you can't step up to the Cause - Effect plate?"




Everyday I talk to corporate executives, cute housewives, sales executives and average blokes who are KILLING THEMSELVES with the stress and tension of having to be the cause of anything.

Maybe you are one of them.


They "know" on some level… They are…

  • The cause of their business success (or failure).
  • The cause of their spouses comfort and security.
  • The cause of their kids future.
  • You can imagine plenty more.


I have a SECRET that will FINALLY liberate you! You can Transcend The Cause Myth.

"The Cause and Effect LIE only applies to things."


You are more than a thing.

You have consciousness, memory, and you can think. Now if you are tired of stress and tension, ready for a solution, and willing to try something that may sound just a little crazy…


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